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Is 2020 cancelling Halloween: Can you go trick-or-treating?

Across Britain trick-or-treating is being largely discouraged. With the 31st of October upcoming many are wondering what is happening with guidelines relating to trick-or-treating. The City of York Bureau of Health has released a statement announcing that they are "discouraging" trick-or-treating as it is being classed as a "high risk" activity

Local business fears over Christmas market

Small Yorkshire businesses could miss out on potentially millions of pounds in sales, with the news of the York St Nicholas' Christmas Markets 2020 being cancelled. Local artisan producers rely on this festive period to boost sales, more than ever with the pandemic. Last year's Christmas festival brought in £57 million and

What York might expect from the Prime Minster’s announcement

Residents of York could find themselves unable to meet with another household after Boris Johnson announces further lockdown restrictions this evening. The three-tier lockdown system the PM is widely reported to be introducing will be based on Covid alert levels. An area will be deemed as "medium", "high", or "very high".