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Panic! at the Supermarket

Across the UK supermarkets have been raided. picked clean by people preparing for the worst, isolation due to Corona-virusĀ (Covid-19.) what started with the bulk buying of hand sanitizer and toilet paper has become much more. Supermarkets now struggle with the daily barrage of customers. How is panic buying affecting business? Some may say

What does Covid-19 mean for York?

York is known for it's thriving social environment, but the fears of Coronavirus take its toll. The Public Health England confirmed six cases of the virus in York. Placing it in the lower percentile of the 1,196 cases in England standing at 7.75%. However, other reports that have recently been announced have

Save Sonic: University of York battles to save the hedgehog

The University of York has taken advantage of their beautiful campus and biodiversity to receive bronze status and becoming a hedgehog friendly university. The university joins Birmingham University, Lincoln University, Liverpool University, York St. John and many other university's in achieving a Hedgehog friendly campus. Hedgehogs are a well-loved animal, that were

York Restaurant Week has returned for it’s second year, with lots of new and exciting additions

York Restaurant Week is a celebration of York's vibrant restaurant scene in what would be a quiet time for businesses around the city. With over 60 restaurants, such as Calcuccio's and Pairings Wine Bar, taking part from 2nd March to 8th March 2020, there's plenty to choose from. The event this year