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Fireworks – a mark of celebration or an out-dated tradition?

Image courtesy of The Independent

An upcoming debate in Parliament could see restrictions on firework sales. Each year, Bonfire Night opens up new discussions on whether fireworks should be banned due to the welfare of animals. People suffering from post traumatic stress disorder can also struggle with them. In November 2019, over 300,000 people signed a

Three Lockdown Meals Under 30 Minutes

Cooking in lockdown can get rather repetitive, so here's three handpicked recipes to mix things up. They're quick, easy and super tasty. 1. Butternut squash risotto Watch here and below Impress in lockdown with this restaurant standard risotto. Super healthy too. Butternut Risotto recipe from Jason Whiting on Vimeo. Ingredients: 1 Butternut Squash 2 Vegetable