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North Yorkshire Police and York City Council put in extra measures of coronavirus protection.

The City of York Council and the North Yorkshire Police have put extra measures of coronavirus protection in place this weekend (3rd-4th October).

This was to ensure a repeat of last week’s large gatherings in York city centre do not happen again.

A team from the council’s public protection department carried out unannounced ‘spot checks’ on Saturday.

These checks occurred at nightspots around York city centre to ensure these premises were Covid-secure.

Members of the North Yorkshire police also lined the streets on Saturday to ensure there were no repeats of crowds dancing and singing on York’s street corners after the government’s 10pm curfew, as in the week prior.

York after 10pm Curfew
Gatherings in York last weekend after the 10pm government curfew. Via: Newsflare

The council team checked whether pubs and bars were following the government coronavirus guidelines or not.

The council checked if:

  • Bars and restaurants used QR codes for track and trace.
  • The public were following social distancing and ‘the rule of six.’
  • Members of the public were given access to coronavirus protection measures.

The majority of premises were praised for following government guidelines, however, inspectors also discovered ‘areas of concern.’

Chair of the licensing committee Cllr Ashley Mason, who joined the public protection department on Saturday said: “We want to work with the pubs. They’ve had a really tough time.

“We want to make sure they’re operating in a safe way, and we want to support them to do that.”

In a statement from the North Yorkshire Police on Friday, North Yorkshire’s first responder agencies called on the public to go home safely after pubs and restaurants close at 10pm.

The statement said: “We must all do what we can to stem the tide of infection.”

“We’ve been working very closely with our partners across the region to make sure all the relevant steps to slow the spread of this virus have been taken, to make the City of York and North Yorkshire as a whole as safe as possible to visit.”

Empty York City Streets this weekend after 10pm curfew. Via: North Yorkshire Police