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York – the closest city to the North Yorkshire Moors

A 2021 ‘Walkshire‘ campaign has launched to underpin Yorkshire as the walking capital of the world. For many residents and students living in York, it can be easy to forget how accessible the North Yorkshire Moors are. Welcome to Yorkshire hopes to change that.

With York emerging from lockdown in Tier 2, taking time to explore the North Yorkshire Moors might be the best thing to do for mental and physical health. Government restrictions still allow people to travel to do exercise, meaning it is safe to go for a walk in the North Yorkshire Moors and Yorkshire Dales. You can have your family or friends from outside your household/support bubble join for a walk, as long as the rule of six is being followed and separate households do not travel in the same vehicles.

The tourism body Welcome to Yorkshire has recently received a £55,000 bail out from York City Council after being affected by the pandemic. In a press release James Mason, CEO of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “We will continue to promote the great outdoors, as well as shine a new light on many familiar visitor attractions.”

‘Walkshire’, the latest campaign from Welcome to Yorkshire, aims to highlight beautiful areas in Yorkshire and increase tourism in Yorkshire cities. Scheduled walks will be taking place in 2021 but dates are yet to be announced.

North Yorkshire Moors National Park has an Winter page on their website recommending walks that are beautiful in the Winter season. It says: “It’s a season that can bring snow to the uplands, leading to sunny, crisp, winter days that really highlight our big sky views.” From York, residents can be in the North Yorkshire Moors within a 30 minute drive.

Walking is a great, low-strain form of exercise that a person of any age or fitness level can do. The cool breeze and crisp Winter days have been linked to better mental health and improved mood. A poll done by the Huffington Post found that 71% of people interviewed, combated their ‘Winter blues’ after an Autumn walk.

The sun breaks through over the Yorkshire Dales. Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

Members of the public are being encouraged by Welcome to Yorkshire to submit their own walking routes to help aid the ‘Walkshire’ campaign and share walks that don’t get seen very often.