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Freelance musicians calls for more support for the arts

With the government under criticism about the lack of funding for the arts, especially for freelance performers, we talked to one aspiring artist trying to breakthrough. Thomas Gonzalez, also known as his stage name 'Skippy Gonzalez' is a young musician studying English at the University of York. From playing the guitar and

York welcomes University students

YSJ Fest, York St John welcome students

York St John and the University of York are preparing to welcome new and returning university students onto Covid-19 secure campuses. University of York students will move onto campus on 28th September and begin studies from 5th October, whilst York St John students have moved into the city and began teaching

Five ways students can help reduce plastic waste

Plastic waste

Students often find the thought of doing our part towards helping reduce plastic waste a bit daunting. However, I have rounded up 5 simple ways that we can play our part in saving the environment. Reusable water bottles and flasks One of the biggest contributors to plastic waste is single use