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Freelance musicians calls for more support for the arts

With the government under criticism about the lack of funding for the arts, especially for freelance performers, we talked to one aspiring artist trying to breakthrough. Thomas Gonzalez, also known as his stage name 'Skippy Gonzalez' is a young musician studying English at the University of York. From playing the guitar and

10 songs to keep you sane – or not – during the lockdown

COVID-19 seems to have sucked the fun out of everything. No pubs, no shopping, cancelled trips, postponed gigs, and not even a late night McDonald’s to take the edge off. So – if we’re stuck indoors for the foreseeable, we might as well have a good soundtrack to boot. We’ve

Five bands in York you probably haven’t heard of but should

The Vedettes

It's always a struggle finding new music and local gigs in your area.  So here's a list of bands that I have found for you to listen and love. Silvertones Formed in 2017, Silvertones are an Indie band with influences from The Cribs, The Strokes, and Oasis. They label their sound as