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Panic! at the Supermarket

Across the UK supermarkets have been raided. picked clean by people preparing for the worst, isolation due to Corona-virus (Covid-19.)

what started with the bulk buying of hand sanitizer and toilet paper has become much more. Supermarkets now struggle with the daily barrage of customers.

How is panic buying affecting business?

Some may say that this is good for the supermarkets, which is arguably a good point, just yesterday (16/03/2020) a Home Bargains in York took over £20,000 which is more than they took any day over Christmas just gone. Also, at the very start of this panic an Asda in Hartlepool surpassed their target by £40,000.

At Foss Island Home Bargains in York last week one of the managers questioned the authenticity of all the people ‘panic buying.’

“People are branding it as panic buying You see shelves empty, think people panicking. But If you go online you can see people selling it for ridiculous amounts”

Don’t forget to be careful

An Asda employee who works in their in-store Pharmacy expressed their concerns.

“The attendance at shops and supermarkets due to panic buying is resulting in large crowds of people. This is the one thing we have been advised we need to avoid”

Stores stocking these high demand items such as toilet roll and sanitizer are struggling with stock. This is as staff are putting out deliveries of these products and it is gone that day, even that hour.

Some places have even started restricting customer sales such as toilet roll being “two per customer.”

Only stock what you need, there is enough to go around

With stock flying off of the shelves in bulk it leaves people struggling. This is as there is “no way to reserve items, and people who really need it can’t get it.” And those who can only afford to “shop once a week are the most affected as by the time they go shopping, there is nothing there.”

They also made it clear that the empty shelves are not a stocking issue. There are as many people to feed over the next few weeks as there always has been. Its people buying more than they need.

With Boris Johnson’s announcement today, there is a chance we could be advised to self-isolate over the next few weeks. It’s important to be prepared for this and buy the necessities to survive. However, we must be considerate of others going through this exact this turmoil. Don’t buy more than you need and even consider those vulnerable around you. Maybe there is an OAP next door that can’t get to the shop, and you can help them.