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Outdoor Halloween ghost trail in York city centre

ghost figures

Should you go down to the Shambles, you could be in for a spooky surprise.

Every night from Monday 26th till Friday 30th October, 60 ghosts will be hidden around the Shambles. If you find a ghost, you can keep it.

From 5pm till 7pm, visitors can search for mini ghost figures hidden around the city as part of the first annual ghost week.

Co-director of York Ghost Merchants, Angus McArthur, said: “We’re making 300 of our little ghosts, each with different names and different colours for people to pick up, following a map provided from us or from the participating Indie York stores.

“We hope we get hundreds of people each night looking, and we are certainly prepared for that sort of number.”

ghost figures
Ghost figures to search for between 26th-30th October.

Angus said: “I think everything is less celebrated now, naturally because of restrictions that have been imposed, we can’t be expected to do things the same way that we did. So, Halloween and trick or treating will supposedly be more subdued than they once were.

“Our event hopefully highlights Halloween and ghost related events in the city centre, as the city is famous for that. We want ghost week to become an annual week every year.

“This year we wanted to do it as we felt it was important, it’s an outdoor event so we aren’t as restricted as the indoors and people may want to come outside and have a bit of fun after the past six or eight months of lockdown.”

ghost figures
Image accredited to Visit York.

Alongside the trail, York Ghost Merchants are involved within the citywide Ghost Parade, as part of organisation Indie York’s Magic and Medieval Trail. This entails 13 limited edition, hand painted ghosts in shop windows to spot within the Shambles cluster. With further activities in and around the other 8 clusters. These ghosts will be auctioned after the event, with profits going to local charity The Island.

Both ghost hunts take place outdoors to make the event as covid secure as possible, with organisers urging visitors to follow social distancing guidelines whilst taking part.

Maps can be collected within participating stores. Further information and updates can be found through York Ghost Merchants website and Facebook.