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The Battle for Yorkshire: Live blog

06:17 And here we are, people – the last of our 35 Yorkshire constituencies to declare. Colne Valley becomes another Conservative scalp with Jason McCartney winning the seat from Labour with 29,482 votes.

05:52 Mark Eastwood wins Dewsbury for the Conservatives, overturning Paula Sheriff’s Labour majority of 3,321.

05:49 Thirsk and Malton have declared (at last… ) – it’s a hold for Conservative Kevin Hollinrake, with an increased majority.

05:41  Yorkshire results slowing to a crawl now – just three left to declare. While we wait, here’s a plug for our Yorkshire results and analysis programme – on here at 9am this morning. Nice and lively to wake us all up.

05:19  The Conservatives gain Keighley. Robbie Moore takes the West Yorkshire constituency for the Conservatives with 25,298 votes.

05:11 And as the Conservatives officially pass the line to win the 2029 general Election, Sheffield Hallam declares for Labour. Olivia Blake holds the seat for her party, losing a couple of thousands votes on 2017.

05:06 Philip Davis holds Shipley – and his whopping 27k+ majority – for the Conservatives

05:04 Judith Cummins holds Bradford South for Labour, losing just over 4,000 votes on her 2017 tally

05:01 Labour holds onto Bradford East, with Imran Hussein winning 29,831 votes – just under 2,000 down on 2017.

05:00 Andrea Jenkins holds Morley and Outwood for the Conservatives, with her majority increased by just under 3,000 votes.

04:45 Naz Shah holds Bradford West for Labour and increases her vote share from 29,444 in 2017 to 33,736

04:43  Stewart Andrew holds Pudsey for the Conservatives, adding several hundred votes to his majority – 25,550 votes against 2017’s 25,550.

04:37 York Outer stays Conservative. Julian Sturdy holds the seat, with his majority reduced by around 2,000 votes.

04:27 Pontefract and Castleford is held by Labour. Yvette Cooper keeps her seat but loses over 10,000 votes on her 2017 result.

04:26 The Conservative hold Skipton and Ripon but shed around 2,000 votes on the 2017 result.

With the Conservatives on track for a large majority, and Labour shedding votes even in seats they held, Jamie Andrews spoke with Diane Johnson, Hull North’s re-elected Labour MP, about the Corbyn effect. 

04:21  Labour holds York Central. Rachael Maskell holds onto her seat but with her majority cut by around 7,000 votes.

04:18  Richmond (Yorks) is held by Conservative Rishi Sunak, with pretty much the same number of votes as in 2017

04:13  Leeds North East is held by Labour with, wait for it…. and increased majority. Bucking the trend of the night, Labour’s Alex Sobel increases his majority from 20,416 to 29,024.

04:09  Labour holds Sheffield Heeley. Louise Haigh got 21,475 votes tonight, against the 26,524 she won in 2017.

04:06  It’s confirmed, Labour has held Hull. The final set of results – Hull West and Hessle – gave Labour candidate Emma hardy 13,384 votes against 18,342 in 2017. The Conservatives won 10,528; and The Brexit Party’s Michelle Dewberry  5,638.

03:58  Labour holds Sheffield Central – with a five vote increase.

03:38  Labour holds Leeds West, with Rachel Reeves majority reduced by around 5,000 votes.

03:50 The Conservatives gain two seats in South Yorkshire from Labour, winning Penistone and Stockbridge and the Rother Valley. While Penistone and Stockbridge was vulnerable, the former mining community of Rother Valley had been held by Labour for 101 years until it was won by Alexander Stafford, below.

03:50 Nigel Adams holds Selby and Ainsty for the Conservatives, increasing majority by just over 1,000 votes

03:48 Labour holds Wentworth and Dearne, with John Healey majority reduced by over 10,000 votes

03:38 Labour holds Sheffield South East, with its majority cut by around 6,000.

03:34 Don Valley is a loss to Labour. Caroline Flint loses her seat (an her 2017 majority of 5,169) to Conservative Nick Fletcher.

03:31 Labour holds Doncaster North and Doncaster Central – reduced majorities in both cases.

03:21  Greg Knight increases his majority and holds Yorkshire East for the Conservatives – 33,988 votes tonight against 31,442 in 2017. Labour 11,201 votes; Liberal Democrats 4,219 and the Yorkshire Party 1,686.

And here’s the Lib Dem candidate for Yorkshire East, Dale Needham, speaking earlier in the evening to our reporter Elisha Holt.

03:17 Hilary Benn keeps his Leeds Central seat for Labour, with a reduced majority.

03:15 Labour holds Hull North. Diana Johnson sees her majority reduced but has 17,033 votes against second-placed Conservative Lia Nici-Townend’s 9,440. The Brexit party gained 4,771 votes; Liberal Democrats 2,084 and the Greens 875 votes.

03:08 Karl Turner hangs onto John Prescott’s old Hull East seat, but you know where I’m going with this now – with a much-reduced majority. Down from 21,355 to 12,713.

03:06 Labour holds Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough with  a majority of 22,369 against 28,193 in 2017

02:59 In Leeds East, Fabian Hamilton holds the seat for Labour, but with his majority slashed from 33,436 in to 2017 to 19,464

02:53 The Conservatives hold Scarborough and Whitby – with an increased majority for Robert Goodwill

02:49 Over at the York counts, Labour candidate Rachael Maskell has been talking about just how hard she and her team have worked to win votes in York Central.

02:48 Labour holds Rotherham but, as we’re seeing elsewhere, with a reduced majority – down from 21,404 in 2017 to 14,736 tonight

02:41  Our resident political expert’s theory on low turnout in Labour seats equaling poor results for the party is still holding firm.  Even where Labour is holding seats, low turnout of the Labour bases is shrinking majorities.

02:33 David Davis holds onto Haltemprice and Howden and his hefty majority – but arrives too late to hear the announcement. 

02:30  The counting teams is still busy in Hull – there’s a recount going on in one area of Hull East.

02:24  Conservative hold for Harrogate and Knaresborough. Andrew Jones (below) has had his 31,477 majority reduced a tad to 29,962 but still a very safe seat for the Conservatives.

02:21  Labour holds Barnsley Central. But as with their Barnsley East neighbours, with a much-reduced majority – down from 15,547 in 2017 to 3,571.

02:19 In Haltemprice and Howden, there are some worried people. The result is imminent but Conservative David Davis hasn’t yet arrived despite, according to sources, having been phoned several times.

02:13 Labour holds Barnsley East – but the Party’s majority is slashed by over 10,000 votes.

02:03 Beverley and Holderness result – Conservative Hold. Conservatives 33,250; Labour 12,802; Yorkshire Party 1,441; Green Party 1,378. That’s not only a Tory hold, but an increased majority for Graham Stuart – from 14,000 in 2017 to 20,448 tonight. Here’s the announcement.

And here’s Conservative Graham Stuart speaking to The Yorkie ahead of the result.

01:55 Similar picture in Sheffield with turnout down against 2017

01:41 Turnout in York Outer was 74.4% (against 76% in 2017), and 66.4% in York Central (69% in 2017). 

Here’s Tom Franklin, Green Party candidate for York Central

01:32 Turnout in East Yorkshire is down too – 65.6% against 2017’s 66.6%

01:25  Our resident expert, Politics lecturer at York St John Chris Kirkland, notes there’s a drift down in turnout in many Labour seats and that could mean the Party has failed to get its core voters out. “If that is the case,” he said “the result for Labour could be worse than the Exit Poll suggests.”

01:08 While we’re waiting for the counters to count, let’s take a quick look at the Exit Poll again. The BBC has a nifty tool to show how the Exit Poll might translate into local results. In Hull North, where the turnout has just been announced as 52.3%, the Exit poll is predicting 99% certain to stay Labour. In Hull East, turnout was 49.5% and the poll predicts a win for Labour too. Hull West & Hessle turnout is 52.9% and the BBC calculator is suggesting only a 79% chance of Labour hold. 

Here’s Jamie Andrews at Hull’s Guildhall, where we’re expecting results from the three Hull seats around 3pm.

00:37  In Yorkshire East, Labour candidate and former teacher Catherine Minnis told our reporter Elisha Holt that the exit poll had been a bit of a shock and, if correct, not a great result for the hard work they’d put into the campaign. “I’ve been told all through the campaign that East Yorkshire is an unwinnable seat. My wish is to at least reduce the majority so at the next election it can be a contestable seat.” She added that she was proud of her campaign: “I was visible and approachable which was my main aim. I personally answered 400 emails. I will be very proud of whatever happens tonight because I took the chance.”

00:26   Meanwhile, over in Haltemprice and Howden, the Conservatives are being cautious. Student Micha Gary, and aide in David Davis’s team, said: “The exit polls are good but we still need to be cautious> Parliament needs to focus on a policy that attracts the former Labour voters and the Northerners. We need to keep the votes they lent us. The vote swinging is 100% due to Brexit – they won’t vote for the Brexit Party, so they voted for us.”

23:53   And now Georgie is talking to Labour’s Chloe Hopkins, who insisted that Brexit hadn’t been the big issue on Beverley doorsteps.

23.48: The Yorkshire Party fielded 28 candidates across the region, including Andy Shead in the Beverley and Holderness seat. Georgie Reid asked him what the response had been on the doorstep to his party?

23.03: Over at the York count, our reporter April Coward is getting ready to deliver her updates.

10.32: And counting is underway in Haltemprice and Howden too. The seat had belonged to former Brexit Minister David Davis. His team are pretty happy with the Exit Poll: “We know we’re [Conservatives] well-received in this area and the exit poll reflects the hard work we’ve put in.”

Labour candidate George Ayre was less happy. He said Labour weren’t expecting the exit poll to be so negative, but there was still time for things to change. Ayre also said that the feedback from canvassing suggested Labour would lose votes due to Jeremy Corbyn, rather than Brexit.

Here’s the count getting going.

10.21: And in Hull, at the Guildhall, the boxes have arrived and the vote watchers are gathering. Here’s our reporter Jamie Andrews.

10.19: Over in Haltemprice and Howden, David Davis’ team are feeling positive. The Conservative candidate (and former Brexit Minister) hasn’t arrived at the count yet, but his team said they know their candidate is well received in the area and feel the poll reflects their hard work.

10.04: The Exit poll is in and showing a Conservative majority for the Conservatives of around 50 seats

Here’s the story on the BBC and the poll results.

Chris Kirkland, Lecturer in Politics at the University of York St John has just joined us in the newsroom. Is he surprised by the poll? “Yes, very. If the Exit Poll’s correct, it means the SNP is going to take seats off the Conservatives in Scotland which means most of the increase in Conservative seats is going to come from Labour seats – the so-called Red Wall – in the Midlands and the North of England.”