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York Train Station struggle to contain drunken behaviour

York is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK, with people coming from all over to visit the cities amazing sites and historical culture.

However, York has proved to be especially popular with Hen parties and Stag parties coming to York on a Saturday for a boozy weekend.

This has noticeably caused issues for York Train Station and local residents of York.

These parties have been seen carrying around adult inflatable and asserting offensive behaviour in the middle of the day which the public have said is “inconsiderate to do within the city centre as children are still about”.

The train station staff in particular face a lot of drunk behaviour on the platform which is both dangerous for the drunken individuals but also puts the train staff in danger.

York train station have been attempting to contain this matter as up to 5,000 north-easterners visit the city to go drinking. The issue is that they are often drinking on the train and therefore are already drunk when they arrive at York train station.

To contain this there has been a proposal by train operators to increase the price of tickets to York on a Saturday as tourists seem to take advantage of the cheap tickets.

“The rowdy behaviour clearly makes people feel uncomfortable”

Scott Hall, an electrician from Newcastle, often commutes to York for work and says “the rowdy and antisocial behaviour clearly makes people feel uncomfortable”

He then goes on to say ” I think that there needs to be a limit on how much drink people take on the train and maybe more security on hand at the station”.

Andreas Pavlou, a student who commutes from Durham, says he doesn’t mind the drunken behaviour so much when it is late at night and is expected but he says “When people are clearly displaying drunkenness by 11am  it becomes an inconvenience for everyone.”

However, business owners around York seem to thrive as the large groups of tourists bring them business.

Tanisha Pearson, a waitress/bar staff employee at The Pitcher and Piano says “The weekends are our busiest day of the week, we have tons of tourists come in for day drinking”

Measures are still being taken to ensure any anti social behaviour is always under control as crime reduction managers are still attempting to crackdown on the issue.