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York St John Journalism students take to the air for live arts festival show in York

York St John University produced its first live stream for the opening day of the city’s pioneering difital arts festival today.

 York Mediale is a new international media event which brings content from leading artists to the city to showcase their talent and work.

The livesteam was produced and conducted by second year journalism students from York St John Media Production  each serving an important role in carrying out the success of the live stream.

Six video crews were sent out around York visiting the different exhibitions on offer.

Students also created audio vox pops in order to get an insight in to the public’s views on the new up and coming art in York.

The programme was anchored from Spark:York where the university has a community theatre space.

Kendal Power and Natasha Holmes,  journalism students at YSJ, filmed a segment in Kings Square viewing a breathtking 3D printed sculpture called ‘Token Homes’ by artist Matthew Plummer Fernandez.

Natasha Holmes said: “The sculpture is very alternative and unique as it represents the growing housing crisis which is a significant issue in society.”

Ms Power added: “It was a very popular piece as it had a crowd of people viewing it, therefore i think it contributes to the live stream well as it really represents the image of York Mediale”.

Behind the scenes a lot of planning has been carried out to ensure that the live stream ran smoothly. The production team consists of Jamie Andrews and Megan Garside as the presenters and Victoria Cotton as the producer/director.  Jamie Andrews gave his views on the pros and cons of the planning process.

“The con of the planning process was that it was difficult to make sure everything was on time and ran smoothly. The pro was that it was nice to see everyone come together and work as a team,” he said..

The Mediale will run until the 6th of October.

By Libby Ince