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“Why only light up a building, when you can light up the world?” York Mediale kicks off amid a wealth of digital media art.

Today welcomes the launch of the UK’s only UNESCO designated digital arts festival in the heart of York. With exhibitions to spark everyone’s interest in the new and upcoming world of media, the event is set to draw all walks of live to their exclusive display of never seen before art.

Chair of York Mediale, Dianne Willcocks explained: “UNESCO designation dared us to dream bigger and bolder than ever before. Why only light up a building, when you can light up the world?” This recognition allows the festival to combine history and art with digital influences such as virtual reality experiences and interactive installations.

As well as the international recognition, the festival has ensured the local community can have a hands-on experience with this opportunity to express their passion for art in the always developing world of digital media.

York’s Theatre Royal is just one of the companies that has partnered up with the event with their ‘TakeOver Festival’. This encourages 12-26 year old’s to embrace their creative flair with the support of professionals working in the field in the hope that it raises awareness about the topical issues surrounding the #MeToo campaign.

One exhibition takes place in York’s Army Museum and replicates a hospital ward taking you on a journey back to 1914 through new digital media technology. Niamh Darby attended the launch of this installation and described the experience as “a beautiful but unsettling piece which leaves you feeling uneasy.”

By April Coward.

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