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York students on why York is their best city for students

By Beth Grice

According to a ranking produced by the QS higher education data analysts, London has been ranked as the best city in the world for university students.

Some of the QS’s rankings include the best Universities by region, based on employability and based on subjects.

The ratings are based on factors such as desirability, diversity, affordability and the quality of life and are rated by over 50,000 students.

Students in London have access to the wide variety of culture that the capital city has which increased their rankings and seen as York has a variety of culture and attractions, we asked Students of York what makes it their best city.

When asked why they think York is the best city for students in their opinion, one student said “It’s a small city which means you’ve got everything pretty much at your finger tips”.

On the whole they said some of their favorite elements about York from a students point of view were the culture, the fact there are two universities and the cities small size, especially the city center.

Students also commented on the city’s nightlife however it had a mixed review; whilst the bars and restaurants had extremely good reviews, the nightclubs received some good and bad reviews with one student branding it as a “standard” night out. One student also commented on the price of living in York compared to other Northern Cities saying he found it expensive, however he went on to say “but if you do want to treat yourself, it is really good fun”.

On the whole the students gave York a positive review with the Minster, Walls and Bars scoring the highest brownie points. You never know, next time it could be York in the top spot.