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Clifford Tower’s Controversial Makeover

Photo Credit to English Heritage

By Beth Grice

After months of campaigning, the plans for the proposed toilet block and visitors center at Clifford’s Tower are still up in the air.

Clifford’s Tower is the largest remaining part of York Castle and was once the center of government for the north of England. English Heritage say that “The 11th-century timber tower on top of the earth mound was burned down in 1190, after York’s Jewish community, some 150 strong, was besieged here by a mob and committed mass suicide. The present 13th-century stone tower was probably used as a treasury and later as a prison.”

The plans included a single story visitor’s center at the bottom of the Tower’s staircase. It has been met with mixed opinions as some feel it would be an eyesore to the city’s historical scenery; whereas some believe it could draw more attention to one of York’s top attractions, as well as making it easier for visitors to be informed of the history of the tower and its significance in York. Some also believed it would not make a difference to the scenery as the car park is much more of an eyesore, especially if the new building would be built in a suited style to fit with the area.

Georgie Reid reports: