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York’s Ice Trail returning this weekend

By Daniel Appleton

For this weekend only, the biggest outdoor ice trail in the UK is going to return to the streets of York. The event first came to York in 2015 and is a new way for residents to get into the festive spirit.

The event allows the people of York to explore the city with an icy twist. Anyone interested can grab a free map and follow it through the streets, discovering all new ice sculptures in well-known locations. In previous years we have had a range of sculptures that have been as simple as a snowman to as diverse as a statue of Marilyn Monroe. This year’s trail will include 45 ice sculptures, 10 more than what there was last year and we can expect to see the likes of Lego Batman and the Ice King from Game of Thrones.

If it’s not enough to simply admire the sculptures, there will also be ice carving sessions. These will give you the chance to see how these magnificent creations are crafted and the skill that goes into them. There’s also a telescope for visitors to peer through, brought to us by Talk Talk who are also giving away a chance to win an Apple Ipod Mini.

Although it is not a long lasting event, over its few years, the trail has grown more and more popular and anyone familiar with the Ice trail can be assured that this year is a step up from the years previous. Companies of York are putting their time and money in to the event to ensure more locations, new designs and most importantly, more ice!

The Ice trail will only be taking place this weekend and won’t be returning until next December so it is not something you can pass up. If you want to see York in a whole new, festive light then the next two days are the time to do so. If you head anywhere in the coming weekend, make it York City Centre.