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Local care home is nominated for an award

Care is something we all require at some point during our lives, some more than others. As we enter old age we all hope to be looked after, and a Care Home in York has achieved just that. Fulford Nursing home has been shortlisted for two awards.

The small care home in York, situated on Heslington Road, is in the final list for the care team of the year and management team of the 2017 caring UK awards. Fulford was nominated for the awards after their success last year winning Health watch York Make a Difference Award.

Elizabeth Hancock, the home’s business manager describes how amazed she was for recognition and the national award. “I am extremely pleased, bit nervous, and surprised as we are such a small provider.”

Fulford who cares 28 residents, were nominated for the award following the release of the care awards. They were nominated by a family who were extremely happy with the care they received for their mum, who are yet to be named. Elizabeth is excited to discover who the family was who nominated Fulford care home as she is unable to trace the family.

Staff at Fulford are looking after people every day, day in and day out. With care and the NHS being often viewed in a negative light in the media, Elizabeth is extremely pleased people are taking their time out to recognise the care given at Fulford care home. She states: “this reminds me why we get up in the morning and do what we do.”

The family’s Elizabeth and her team care for give a lot of trust into her and the staff. She states: “They don’t know who we are and when they meet us they put their complete faith in us to deliver the care we say we will do.”

This Friday is the Caring UK awards results, which will be held in York, when we discover if Fulford care home has won the award. Until then we wish you good luck from everyone here at Yorkie.

By Molly Catterall