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I am in love with the Choco

Once Rowntree’s Almond and Cream Building’s, the old Nestle factory on Haxby Road is due to be converted into new homes to create a new modern housing scheme costing £7.7 million.

Earlier this year planning permission was granted for the buildings to become 258 new homes. After years of legal complications this week on Friday, a definite plan for the site was completed.

Latimer: Clarion Housing Group has stated: “this is one of the most ambitious projects to date.” He feels this will create quality new homes on the site of the old factory.

In total there are going to be 258 apartments for sale, ranging from one, two and three bedroom homes, with access to other community facilities. This will include an access road, a new convenience store, storage for 288 bikes and 173 parking spaces, with the Joseph Rowntree Memorial Library becoming a concierge base.

The land director for Latimer Richard White feels these new homes are much needed quality homes for the city. He states: “this is one of most ambitious plans which will transform an iconic building in York into much needed homes.” This is further validated by a spokesman for the city of York council stating: “we welcome the re-use of the building to provide additional housing to the city.”

The council in York have recently expressed the need for more social and council housing, so this new modern housing scheme is a brilliant way of addressing the housing issue in the city of York. The council aims use its land to help develop and respond to the social needs, providing accommodation for a wide range of households in the city and reinvesting money into the council services.

Work on site is due to start within months, expecting to be available from the end of next year. We look forward here at Yorkie to see what the new homes are going to look like.

By Molly Catterall