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The best online workouts to stay active during lockdown

On march 23 prime minster Boris Johnson announced complete lockdown of the UK.

This means that your not aloud to leave the house unless its for necessities, one form of exercise a day and to collect medication.

For most people this means not going to work and staying in your house.

As daunting as this sounds many people are using the time to become active instead of gaining weight.

Many fitness enthusiasts are going live on social media platforms.

As well as offering free fitness programmes in order to encourage people to stay active.

From children to adults everyone can get involved.

A big hit for the children is Joe Wicks the creator of ‘The body coach‘ who goes live on YouTube every morning at 9am.

The videos are titled ‘PE with Joe’ and last for about 30 minutes everyday.

They are helping parents all across the UK try and keep the little ones active and its proving a big hit.

Joe is also donating all the money made from doing these morning workouts to the NHS.

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Words can't express how happy and proud I have felt every day this week as the nations P.E. teacher. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response and the support it's had from everyone. ❤️ As a result of so many people viewing the #PEWithJoe workouts on YouTube the advertising revenue generated has been unlike anything I've seen or experienced on my channel before. So I've decided that as long as I’m the nations P.E. teacher, every single penny of the money generated on these videos is going to the place where we need it the most right now. All of it is going straight to the NHS, to support the real heroes right now. Thank you for watching, joining in and sharing… I’m loving being your P.E. Teacher and now you can watch again, knowing you’re not only staying fit, you’re also helping raise money for the NHS. See you Monday at 9am ????

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A popular one for the adults is popsugar fitness. This is a media/news company who are using their Instagram to go live across the UK everyday, providing home workouts.

The workouts are different each day and vary from cardio to weight training to dance.


The videos tend to last around 30 minutes a day and are helping brits stay active in their homes.

Working out isn’t for everyone taking a walk or a short bike ride is still staying active and a change of scenery.