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York Fashion Week- What’s on?

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Cosby is headlining York Fashion Week this year, showcasing her fashionista clothing line. Other exciting events include, Pam Glew’s eco-friendly Kimonos and the history of the corset and silver haired models, Annie Stirk and Rachel Peru, prove that grey is gorgeous in their silver, sassy campaign at Middlethorpe Hall Hotel.

York Fashion Week is a celebration of fashion, creativity, and style that takes place from the 20th-27th of March.  York Fashion week “inspire you creatively, show you what’s happening in the world of fashion, and create a platform for designers at all levels in their careers”. The event launched in 2018 and has presented diversity all across York and has showcased numerous talented designers from across the UK, along with a number of high street brands.

What’s on?

The week consists of various runway shows, fashion lecturers and style workshops and a preview of the 2020 calendar has already been released. This year’s events include, a special appearance from Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Cosby on the 20th of March, who is here to promote her exciting new clothing brand, Pepper Girls Club at Revolution, York. The ticket price is just £15 with a free drink on arrival.

This years fashion week is all about using sustainable fabrics, including garments made from bamboo to promote an “ethical fashion show”. Green party councilor, Dave Taylor who has been involved in organising the show said, ” “Starting from scratch in 2019 was an immense learning curve but a privilege to bring local designers together with models to showcase more sustainable fabrics such as linen, hemp and Tweed, as well as the burgeoning industry in re-use and vintage fashion.”

(Ethical fashion show photo be Stephen James Drury)

John Lewis and Partners are offering personal styling appointments and 10% off at Vangarde Shopping Park.

York College level 4 students are also getting involved, showcasing their beautiful historical garments portrayed in York’s city archives that they are “reinventing with colours and fabrics that are on trend”.

Another headlining event at York Fashion Week is “The Art Of Queening”  which is an exploration of the incredible strength of women both past and present. This captivating display is presented by costume designer, Shoni who is influenced by historical figures and issues faced by women for over 500 years. This is Shoni’s first haute couture with the intention to ignite and empower women. This display is presented at De Grey rooms, St Leonards Place, York and tickets are just £15.



The power of clothes in fine art is showcased at The Art Of Protest Gallery on Little Stonegate, created by Pam Glew who creates clothes as a symbol of “modern day armor”.

Glew represents a woman’s place in society through her art.  This year, Pam builds on the idea of the “Samurai as the Woman Warrior where ghostly images of female faces appear through the layers of fabric. Craig Humble, the owner and curator of the Art Protest Gallery, describes Pam as a “brilliant icon” due to the fact that her fashion is a “zero waste garment”.


Take a trip through history to the York Castle Museum for “Iron and Lace: A history of corsetry”. This event explores the history of the corset and its origins in shaping and stiffening garments of the 15th and 16th centuries.

How can I take part in York Fashion Week?

There are many ways that you can get involved in York Fashion week.

Contact York Fashion week if you want to put on an event, host an event at your venue, become a model, become a brand ambassador, a hairdresser/makeup artist or a photographer/videographer. The organisers at York Fashion Week strive to bring together an incredible team of diverse people to represent what fashion is all about.

By Libby Ince