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Re-Branding: bringing York into the modern world of tourism

York is going along the same lines of Amsterdam with “place-based branding expert” Martin Boison coming to give Old York a new story.

Namely, Councillor Keith Aspden says that this project will help the city “Reach our goal.” This was not specific but he is yet to provide more information on these “goals”

“We are Ambitious for York”

Councillor Keith Aspden

Also, Sean Bullock the new director of Make It York stated in a release to The York Mix that ‘Our role is to increase the city’s economic prosperity and contribute to its wider well being.’

Also, an employee at the local York picture house suggests that “York is such a big tourism hub as it is that we don’t need much more” which if we compare statistics to last year could be true with the amount of visitors to York attractions being 20,000 up in March alone.

“York is such a big tourism hub that we don’t need much more”

Dominic David Todd

But with plans underway we can think about what York could possibly become, with Mark Boison, a designer behind the re-branding of Amsterdam we could look at his work there.

Alternatively, we could jump ahead and see what we have in York is Comparable to Amsterdam. After its’ re-branding we can take comfort knowing not much have to change with this transformational leap for York.

In fact, I went around some of York’s more popular sights to see what parts of York can found reflected in Amsterdam.

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