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Male Suicide: The biggest killer of UK men under 45

By Leanne Cairns and Sophie Neal

The rise in male suicide has become big news lately with the tragic deaths of Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis and Prodigy front man Keith Flint.

Suicides in males under 45 is the single biggest cause of death. The UK male suicide rate is 15.5 deaths per 100,000 – three times higher than females . Males accounted for three quarters of all suicides registered in 2017, according to The Samaritans.

This means men are three times more likely than females to commit suicide with males four times as likely to take their own lives in the Republic of Ireland.

Two in five men in England,Scotland and Wales aged between 20 and 59 choose not to seek help and support commonly wanting to find solutions to their own problems.

But there is some hopeful news. The rate has decreased with 2017 being the lowest year in 30 years . However, in 2017 in Scotland the rate has sadly increased for the third consecutive year.

Project 84

Help is at hand as outside the ITV studios on the South Bank in London an installation called Project 84 has been erected .

Project 84 was conceived by the anti-suicide charity CALM.
Internationally renowned artist, Mark Jenkins, and collaborator Sandra Fernandez, created 84 individual sculptures to symbolise the fact that 84 men each week take their own lives.

Friends and family members of the deceased men helped in the creation of the project. It resulted in 34% more men seeking help than before and featured on ITV’s This Morning.