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Crime rates on the rise: York

Crime Map of Outer York, January 2019

Crime rates have once again risen in York and the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire.

The UK have seen a rapid increase of crime rates across the country especially in the Yorkshire and Humberside region. York being one of the safest cities in the region, is being questioned as to why there has been such a significant increase of crime within the city.

Is York still one of the safest cities in England?

In January 2019, 1626 crimes were reported in the inner and outer skirts of York. The crime map, powered by the home office shows the number of crimes been reported in several areas.  Statistics show Anti-Social Behavior Disorder at the top with a staggering 29%, along with Violence and Sexual Offences at 25.8% and Criminal damage and Arson at 13.4%.

North Yorkshire Police has seen an 11% increase in Burglaries across York and it’s surrounding areas including Clifton, Acomb and Tang Hall.

A police spokeswoman said: “Many burglaries can be prevented by taking simple prevention measures such as locking your doors and keeping valuables out of view to prevent tempting opportunist thieves”.

With York having two universities, there are many student houses and accommodation throughout York, making students more vulnerable during the holiday season.  “If you live in student accommodation always lock the door to your room and take your valuables such as smartphones, laptops and tablets with you when you return home during breaks.”

“You could also take advantage of one of dot-peen properties marking days to have your valuables security marked. Contact your local policing team to find out when the next event is, or you could host one if enough people are interested.”

For more information on burglary prevention, please visit:

Please DO NOT hesitate to contact 999 for emergency.