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The vegans that stole Christmas

It is undeniable that veganism is growing at a seemingly unstoppable rate, but what does this mean for your Christmas dinner?

With vegans popping up in more and more families, concern is growing about catering for those that choose the plant-based diet, especially over the festive period.

With supermarkets stocking more meat-free turkey alternatives than ever, how has this been received by the omnivores among us?

Clearly, some people find it hard to accept the growing enormity of the vegan lifestyle; but why is this?

Indy Miranda, a vegan of nearly 3 years, explained to me his theory.

“When you’re talking about being vegan they feel attacked personally, right? Because veganism is against their morals, they think that eating meat is morally acceptable, and they justify it by the taste, by the convenience, so I think what they do feel scared of is the fact that their lifestyle is being criticised, their personality is being criticised… they sort of take it personally. [But] society doesn’t change overnight”

Indy, 20, has been vegan for nearly 3 years.

He told me about some of his own experiences of hostility from meat-eaters.

“All my friends thought it was ridiculous, [but] my family were the main problem… it was ridiculous how many times they tried to feed me things that weren’t vegan. They were quite shaken that I stayed on a vegan diet”

It is evident from how vocal some non-vegans’ are on social media that veganism still has a long way to go before reaching full acceptance, but with time many are confident that soon Christmas will be enjoyed in harmony by vegan and meat eater alike.