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Students honour York St John University as they receive Royal Television Awards

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Two students from the historic city of York have honored their University with television talent worthy of an RTS award.

The awards in the category of ‘Best Short Feature’  went to the project ‘SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU’; as well as a ‘Craft Award’ for camerawork. Jack Goodhall won the camera award for his work however did not attend the evening. Liam Taylor Rutterford produced a short feature film with the help of other students: Matthew Liddle, Matthew McDermot, Abbie Scargill, Jack Goodchild, Rachel Meredith and Jack Lochrie Abbie Scargill and Liam Taylor Rutterford from York St John University.

Abbie and Liam attended the RTS Yorkshire Student Awards with their module director Dan Crawforth who said,

 “From the initial pitch it was always an ambitious and brave idea, getting out of their comfort zones and breaking the trend of typical student productions, they really found their voice with this project. Everyone involved did a great job and seeing Liam’s (the Producer) face on the night as it was announced they were the overall winner, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and be reminded how privileged I am to do this job. Jack Goodchild was also singled out for a craft award for camerawork and that was a great feeling too as i’d recently filled in a reference for him to undertake a masters degree in documentary camerawork and this award should surely help him on that journey.”

Plenty of selfies were taken to commemorate the proud moment…






The short feature shown above: ‘The Same Deep Water As You’ was created by the group of students who are called: ‘Abnormal Exit’ on their social media pages.

They describe their content as being:

‘Challenging, emotive and distinctive creative media content. Designed by those willing to push boundaries of what is possible.’

Their Vimeo page showcases just that-a collation of their short films all produced by the RTS award winner Liam Taylor Rutterford.

Here is Dan Crawforth’s footage of the evening celebrating his student’s success which he described as:

“A great moment to catch up with graduates at the RTS awards the other night and hear how life is going. To be shortlisted for best short feature was in itself a great recognition of all the hard work that had gone into the project whilst they were in their final year of study.”

A proud moment for not only the students, but for their lecturer and York St John University.
Hopefully more TV and creative success to come from our media and journalism department…

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