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Archie’s Day 2017

By Mia Wilson

As 2017 comes to a close, semester one is neatly wrapped in card factory wrapping paper, with some tears in the paper, representing the stress of final assignments.

On the last day of Christmas Term in 1841, a barrel of ale arrived at the University, donated by the Archbishop of York. The ale was donated to help the first graduated students celebrate their success.

From that final day way way back, Archie’s Day was born. Three days of every academic year the Student Union bar is open from 10am to 11pm to celebrate the end to a successful (for most) semester.

“As a tradition at the end of every semester the bar starts at 10 o’clock” George Coombs, President of the Student Union at York St John University said, “its always a nice way to say goodbye to your friends until next semester”.

The alcohol prices are lower than ever whilst new deals appear on the hour every hour. By the end of the day, pints are priced at a £1.  With around two swimming pools worth of alcohol to be consumed at wonderfully low student prices.

Archie’s Day doesn’t come to a close until all the alcohol has been sold and numerous students have been kicked out of the Student Union for drunken behavior- and when the Union closes at 11pm.

At York St John, the only way to signify the end of semester, is drinking and hanging around with friends. Add some Christmas Jumpers and reindeer antlers, you’ve found the perfect way to celebrate Christmas with your friends.

Get ready to get tipsy though, no prisoners are taken on Archie’s Day, especially at Christmas time. Good luck students!

Merry Christmas York St John University!