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New Castlegate masterplans to be released this weekend

Since January of this year, the area of Castlegate has been preparing itself for some major refurbishments. And now, coming up this weekend, plans will be released for the masterplan ideas of the area which anyone interested in can go to and give their input.

Over the summer, residents of York were asked to post their thoughts and opinions on how they see the future of Castlegate. Developing on from this, York City Council and My Future York have aimed to create a complete plan that can please the local people. Some of the key questions that were put out to the public included new uses for the Castle car park, alternative car parking at either St George’s Field or Castle Mills, a new riverside walk along the River Foss and a new building to go on to the back of the Coppergate shopping centre. The most common responses to these questions will have been taken into consideration and included in the plans for the project.

As well as releasing the masterplan ideas, guided walks have also been arranged where anyone can take a tour around Castlegate and look at key areas where there will be major developments. When asked about the main purpose of the guided walks, Phil Bixby, an architect from My Future York said: “they will be helping people to imagine and envisage how those changes might be, how they might impact what will be done there and therefore how useful they are going to be to people”.

Bixby was also quick to reassure the public that these plans will go ahead after identifying that the biggest concern the people have is that nothing will actually come of their ideas. “Often big ideas get cooked up and nothing comes of them. We’re hoping this is different, the council are really taking this seriously.”

By Daniel Appleton