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Rapid charging point for electric vehicles in York:

Last week, the council of the city confirmed that they get an European grant to cover the cost of the project. This one will consist in the develop of the Hyper Hub on Monk Cross and Popleton Bar and Ride. "The development of a infraestructure suitable for electric vehicles is an

Changes in the Yorkshire Party

The leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold, announced his resignation. "Because Brexit is so dominating the news as you know it’s been difficult to get other issues, such as Yorkshire devolution, discussed and implemented by Government" he said. As they define themselves, "the Yorkshire Party is a regionalist political party in

Intense response to Berwick Kaler’s retirement

It's a week since Berwick Kaler announced his retirement. He has been the dame of the York Christmas pantomimes for 40 years. Three generations have grew up watching him on the stage, and now this old theatre idol is coming to his end. As soon as the announce of the retire was made