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York Tiktok star’s ‘anti-Valentine’ London show

Beth McCarthy shot onto the TikTok scene over the past year and took to the London stage to headline her own live show.

Beth, 24, rose to fame and popularity on social media platform, TikTok, where she uploaded singing videos, covers and her own mix on popular songs over lockdown. Her songs all relating to heartbreak, exes, and not believing in love anymore.

With Valentines season in tow, she put on her headline “anti-Valentines Day” show at The Courtyard in Shoreditch, London. Her signature pink theme flowed through the venue with heartbroken balloons, glowsticks and flowers to match her pink hair and outfit.


The story behind each song was shared with her fans including the time she cried on a bus as she introduced her song No Hard Feelings. “I just wanted him to text me saying ‘well done I’m proud’.” She spoke about him as one of those exes you remain friends with and just want to be happy for.

Beth took the audience back to lockdown when she struggled writing and had a lack of inspiration so started rewriting famous artists songs. She entertained the audience with her version of Taylor Swift’s song Love Story from a different perspective.

Not only did she write songs about her exes but also her friendships that ended after her friends got into relationships. She put these feelings into her 2021 single “Friendship bracelet” which got an excited reaction from the audience who sang back her lyrics: “So go ahead and burn my friendship bracelet.”


Towards the end of her set she introduced a song about her “narcissistic ex” and told her fans: “I put all the names he called me into a song.” She finished the song by throwing fake flowers into the crowd for the audience.

Following the show, Beth met with fans in the bar for photos and to sell her merchandise including new t-shirts and hand written lyrics, before leaving the venue to celebrate and rest after her high energy show.