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Paramedic’s driving ban after e-scooter conviction

A York paramedic could potentially lose his job after been convicted of drink-driving an e-scooter.

Samuel Bradley, 30, was given a 16 month ban and £580 fine at York Magistrates Court. District judge Adrian Lower commented: “These e-scooters are not toys, they are electric motor vehicles. Before they can be hired, would-be riders are warned they have to have a driving license, an insurance policy in force and they cannot be ridden after drinking.”

E-Scooters parked at Exhibition Square. Credit: York St John Media

The court heard how, on 3rd October, Bradley shot down New Street before turning left into Coney Street – travelling the wrong way down the one-way street. The passenger with him held a can in his hand. The passenger on the one man e-scooter, laughed at the police in pursuit.  The police requested assistance from the city’s CCTV operators to help track them. The e-scooter finally stopped in Parliament Street in front of officers. The driver, Bradley, was breathalysed and found to have 58 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, one-and-a-half times over the limit. Both rider and passenger were reported to have difficulties dismounting the vehicle.

By law, intoxicated e-scooter drivers are prosecuted under careless and dangerous driving offences and the app used to hire the e-scooters presents multiple conditions and requirements including making would-be riders aware of legal restrictions such as drink-driving.

Bradley was the third person within a week to be convicted of drink-driving an e-scooter. Harry George Wilson, 20 was banned for 12 months, and fined £525 in total. William Adrian Millet, 19 was banned for 12 months and fined £114 in total.

The incidents occurred days apart, raising an issue needing to be addressed. Judge Adrian lower warned: “If an attitude has developed that they can just be ridden by people who are the worse for drink, it is an attitude that needs to be corrected.”

Bradley’s solicitor, Emily Calman, said she believed Bradley is now likely to face disciplinary charges and the loss of his eight year paramedic career.

The e-scooters are part of the Tire Hire scheme. The Tire Hire e-scooters are the only ones allowed on the roads, as it is illegal to ride private e-scooters on public roads.