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Girls’ night in aid of spiking awareness

Students and supporters are making a stand this week against the increase of drink ‘spiking’ around the UK. The Girls Night In campaign to boycott clubs was created to make an impact for clubs and venues to listen and make changes for the safety of customers.

The ‘night in’ starts tonight and runs through the week on different nights depending on location, York’s event falls this Wednesday (27th) and will see multiple societies and students staying in and not going to their usual socials. Wednesday is a popular night of the week for clubs and events, seeing Quids In at Kuda, Frat Wednesdays at Revolution, and Original Wednesdays at Club Salvation.

Tonight, OffBeat Events has cancelled their weekly Manahatta Mondays to help raise awareness and encouraged people to sign a petition to make thorough searches a legal requirement on entry to nightclubs.

Frat Wednesdays is a York St. John student-only night and this week sees a large amount of clubs and societies backing the Girls Night In. The weekly event usually sees many group costumes and themes, especially this week for the Halloween theme party, but many students are stripping it back and ditching the costumes for a cosy night in.

The university rugby league are well known for their different costume themes every week and take it very seriously but this week is quite the opposite. Tom Kelly, Rugby League Social Sectary spoke about their plans this week: “We plan on staying in, having a movie night and ordering food from one of our sponsors.”

He added: “People should be able to go on a night out and feel safe. We’re also supporting the other teams, particularly female teams to show this is an issue for everyone to tackle.”

York St. John Rugby League

Local clubs and bars have been speaking out about keeping safe in the clubs with many supporting the Ask for Angela campaign as well as posting on social media about how to spot if a drink has been spiked.

Nightclub Kuda created a post labelling what they are doing to keep their customers safe including a welfare area, free phone charging, bag checks and extra staff and security training. They even offer to call friends or family members should anyone get into a situation or loose their phone. Specific to drink spiking they posted on Instagram: “We will provide anti-spiking bottle stoppers and protective drink covers.”

To get involved and help aid the campaign a petition is available to sign for legal requirements upon club entry.