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Christmas movies to make your 2020 Christmas the best one yet

Christmas TV 2020

This year has been tough for many but Christmas is the one time of year where people can forget about the hard times and enjoy themselves. This is a list of five enjoyable Christmas films that will bring 2020 to a festive close.

Not everyone nowadays relies on cable TV, with a study done by OFCOM that showed there are now more UK subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV than to ‘traditional’ pay TV services. However, others do still rely on traditional TV so this list will include movies you can watch on TV and subscription services.

A scene from 'Last Christmas' starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding.

5) Last Christmas
This fairly new entry on the long Christmas rom-com movie list is available to watch now via Sky Cinema and NOW TV. Based in London during the festive season and written by Emma Thompson, it stars Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding and revolves around their love story in the city. The storyline is based around the WHAM! Christmas song, and features a lot of George Michael’s solo music within the film. It was reviewed by Terri White for Empire who said: “Last Christmas delivers enough moments of heart and humour to keep the festive spirit alive.”

A scene in Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin.

4) Home Alone
You simply can’t celebrate Christmas without watching this 90’s classic about Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) being left at home over Christmas by his family. Unfortunately for cable TV viewers, the first Home Alone movie won’t be on this year but the just as funny and festive sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York will be on Channel 4 on Christmas Day. If you pay a subscription to Disney+ then both of the Home Alone films, and the third one, are already on there ready for you to watch whenever.

A promotion photo by Netflix for The Christmas Chronicles.

3) The Christmas Chronicles
This one is for those of you who have a Netflix subscription as this film is only watchable via the streaming service. Directed by Chris Columbus who has worked on major films such as Home Alone, Harry Potter and Gremlins, The Christmas Chronicles is set to become an annual festive favourite. Launching onto the streaming site in late 2018, the movie was streamed over 20 million times in its first week proving to be a hit. It is based around a brother and sister determined to capture Santa Claus and when the plan goes wrong, they are forced to help save Christmas.

A scene from the Disney version of 'A Christmas Carol'.

2) A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol is one of the traditional festive movies that usually graces our television screens every year, no matter what adaptation it is. This year will be no different with the Charles Dickens’ favourite making an appearance on Christmas Eve on Channel 4, with the 1984 TV-film adaptation. If you are a fan of the Disney version that stars Jim Carey as Scrooge, then this is already available on Disney+ with a subscription to the streaming site.

A promotional photo of the animated film 'Arthur Christmas'.

1) Arthur Christmas
The wonderfully British movie that was released in 2011, Arthur Christmas, will be appearing on ITV on 22nd December this year. The animated movie sees the son of Father Christmas set out on a mission to deliver a missed out present to a little girl. If you have a Netflix subscription then you can watch the film whenever it is now available on there.

Of course, these aren’t the only Christmas movies to watch out for this December. Whether you only have cable TV or pay for several different streaming services, there are plenty more Christmas films to choose from this year.