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Virus safe treasure hunt CEO asks for support for struggling business

The boss of a treasure trail in York is hoping new Covid safe policies will encourage people to sign up.

The Great Game York treasure hunt , which starts this week, is a fun interactive activity for individuals or groups to get outdoors even when isolating, as no face-to-face contact is needed. The team building exercise includes following a treasure map, to sightseeing all of York’s famous landmarks and ending with a table at a pub in a secret location. There is a 20% off voucher for the food and drink bill on completion of the hunt which can also be saved for a different day if not used on the day of visit.

The Great Game CEO Bryn Powell urges players to stick to health and safety guidelines and has said in a statement on their Facebook page: “It is still possible to play outdoor Treasure Hunts, get fresh air and participate in social distancing.” and “We would therefore encourage you to continue to support our struggling business in this difficult time by buying our safe digital hunts that you can print off at home or play on your phone”.

The event which starts at Station Road is expected to last around three to four hours and are made up of riddles, orienteering, puzzles, code breaking and observations.

The hunt, which will run throughout October, can be booked for any chosen date here.