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York beauty sector fears second lockdown

Local beauty businesses in York say they fear a second lockdown as Prime Minister Boris Johnson enforces tighter restrictions to control the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently implemented further restrictions for businesses including pubs and restaurants. He said: “Businesses will be fined and could be closed if they breach these rules” and “now is the time to tighten the rule of six” .

The beauty industry has been affected massively by the virus as they were unable to open for a while longer than other businesses. Alex Hilton who works at Ossie Studio in York said: “To see other businesses being allowed to open (and not adhering to guidelines) was, to us, devastating”.

On 30 September, Boris Johnson said: “Yesterday we saw the biggest rise in daily cases since the pandemic began, today a further 7,108” which is worrying for businesses who fear a potential second lockdown.

Hayley Carter at Ossie Studio in York said: “We don’t want to be surviving on government grants or claiming anything from the government to survive we want to work hard doing what we love,” adding: “It’s degrading to be laughed at in parliament when our worries were mentioned”.

Kate Rowe at Ossie said: “The financial impact was huge but work is so much more than that” and continues, “If I had to close again I think it would really affect my confidence as having six months off has already impacted my confidence quite a bit”.

The Prime Minister urged everyone to keep washing hands and wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus to avoid a second lockdown.

Current health and safety at work guidelines can be found here.