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Man v Fat: How Football Is Helping Men Lose Weight.

A football league aimed at helping men lose weight is coming to York. Man Vs Fat is an initiative created for people who “love football but hate being fat”. The concept began in 2014 when founder Andrew Shanahan realised that there wasn’t a specific weight loss programme that focused on the needs of men.

Head of Marketing, Matt Hudson said:

“Two years after the idea was conceived, Man Vs Fat was born and started with leagues in the Birmingham area. Since then, men around the UK have lost over 250,000lbs in weight between them and we are now launching a number of new leagues across the UK, with York among the latest bunch to be made available.”

There are already over 70 Man Vs Fat leagues across the UK and a number in Australia. Hudson believes that the expansion of the leagues is set to continue:

“There are plenty more locations across the UK that would be able to host one of our leagues and we are constantly looking for towns and cities that might be able to help us grow.

“The UK has a huge amount of men who are deemed as obese by clinical guidelines, so we are keen to help these guys back to a healthier weight, which in turn will reduce their health issues in other ways.”

Yorkshire based strength and conditioning coach Boawe Rankin believes the initiative is very positive:

“The easiest way to get people active is with fun, familiar activities such as football. Creating a new league where players have shared goals should keep people more involved.

A lot of people also don’t feel comfortable in gym-based environments, especially if they consider themselves overweight. Football is a sport that so many people are comfortable and familiar with. It just makes more sense than going to the gym and running on a treadmill.”

So far collectively across the leagues, over 269,000lbs has been lost by men taking part in the initiative and this is set to continue to rise. Anyone interested in joining and taking a step towards a healthier lifestyle should visit and find out how taking part in Man Vs Fat could benefit them.