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The Elderly during COVID-19

During times of crisis, life can be hard for us all. We all want to make sure we have enough of the essentials for us and our families. Sometimes we forget that there are others out there who also need these essentials and supplies.

The elderly seem to have been forgotten in this time, people are crowding into shops and taking everything, the elderly cannot compete with the hordes of people pilling into shops so they just don’t go and then they have nothing to live on.

The elderly is the most vulnerable during times of crisis. Making sure they get what need is vital, which is why some shops have set up and “elderly only hour” where for an hour each morning they will only be allowing the elderly into shops to get what they need before the younger generation comes in and take it all.

We went out and spoke to a few of these elderly people to see how they are getting on and what they think of this new rule. Ruth Melody had this to say: “before the elderly hour it was really hard for me to get things I needed I tried coming during the day when I thought people would be at work but there were still too many people for me to get around and everything that I needed was gone, but not thankfully I’m able to get what I need”.

We also asked some younger people how they felt about the change. Alex Carnill said: “I do think it’s, good they need stuff just as much as us younger people do”. However not everyone agreed with the change, Simon Whittman said: “At the end of the day we need stuff just as much of them we’ve got small children at home who need stuff just as much as them, it’s stupid to me I’m sorry.”

At times like this, we all need to come together as a society and help each other so that we can get through this difficult time and back to normal life.