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Eco-friendly hair salon tackling the climate crisis in York

Whitby born lady who was told she wasn’t going to go far in life by school opens up York’s first ever eco-friendly hair salon.

Laura Shackleton is the amazing lady behind the idea. She stumbled into hairdressing as when she was in school she was told she wouldn’t go far in life as she wasn’t as academically gifted as other students. This was because she suffers from dyslexia and 30 years ago, if it wasn’t a really severe case of dyslexia it went undiagnosed and ignored.

“I would love to say I’ve wanted to do it since I was 3 I used to cut my barbies hair but it was because I was classed as being a bit stupid by the education system.”

Laura worked in a salon in her home town, Whitby, for ten years and whilst being there, her passion for hair dressing blossomed. She moved to London where she spent 8 years managing hair salons on Oxford Street and in Chelsea.

The idea stemmed from her and her friends’ realisation that hairdressing was so wasteful. “Back then these large companies only care about making money, and rarely ever recycled.” Her husband encouraged her to take the plunge and move back up north to open up her very own salon that reflected her values for being “as plastic free, vegan and as ethically sourced as possible.”

Pictured above: Laura Shackleton and her husband, Andy Johnson

The question is – how can a hairdresser’s be eco-friendly?

“Our aim is just to get the message out there that hairdressing is actually really wasteful when it doesn’t have to be, there are other options out there that can be a little bit more expensive but so much more worth it in the long run.”

wooden shelfs with sign saying refill 10% off

Laura wishes to use as little plastic as possible in her salon. However, she does make the important point that: “It is not a particularly bad thing to have some

picture of the reception area of a hair salon

plastic, you just need to be aware of what you’re doing and how you’re using it.” To help her clients to use less single use plastic, the salon is offering a service where customers can refill their shampoo bottles at a discounted price so that they are encouraged to reuse them.

Foils are something that are used a lot in hair salons for hair dying purposes, and can take “around 400 years to decompose.” To tackle this Laura plans to use paper knot foils. As she explains: “It is made from concrete particles and it feels like a thick paper but it can be washed and reused”. These can be used for up to five times and then they decompose within three weeks.

Laura wants the salon to be an inclusive community hub. The prices will be determined by length of hair, not gender, in order to stop the discrimination of women with short hair having to pay the same as women with longer hair.

Pop in and see Laura at Dogobees located on the corner of Gillygate for a new look or for a quick chat with this lovely lady who is making amazing changes for our city.

All images are taken from the salon’s Instagram account.