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Review: Ghost Stories

Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman’s ‘Ghost Stories’ was first shown in London at The Lyric Hammersmith nearly an entire decade ago, it has been staged across the globe and even been made in to a film.

After completing its West End run this autumn at The Ambassadors Theatre in London, the spine-tingling and Olivier Award-nominated show opened at the Grand Opera House in York on the 10th March. 

The play will run until the Saturday 14th March. Tickets are available at: 

The audience was putty in the performer’s hands as storytelling of the main character ‘Professor Phillip Goodman’ (Joshua Higgott).

His performance had everyone in the crowd on their edge of their seats – that is when they weren’t jumping out of them of course.

The play comes with a warning to those of a nervous disposition and it is truly well placed.

I must admit fellow audience members and I jumped out of our seats with every spook.

I was slightly skeptical as to how a horror story would be portrayed on the stage, having never been to see this genre of play before.

But I was pleased to be proven wrong. The low lighting and special effects were incredible.

The twist in the finale is absolutely terrifying and jaw droppingly brilliant! It’s just pure genius.

The performances of Joshua Higgott as Professor Goodman, Paul Hawkyard as Tony Matthews, Gus Gordon as Simon Rifkind and Richard Sutton as Mike Priddle were, in my opinion completely stunning.

They had the audience completely gripped throughout. The crowd laughed, gasped and screamed throughout the performance and the atmosphere was electric.

So, is the show worth seeing? Yes. Simply, it is a must see!

The whole play is extremely well written and if you enjoy a good scare I would definitely recommend it!

Although be warned, it will have you sleeping with the light on after.