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Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes: ‘End Of Suffering’ tour slithering its way into punk rock hearts

Frank Carter, Tattoo artist and arguably one of Punk Rocks finest front men has just completed his ‘End of Suffering’ world tour with band The Rattlesnakes.

His performance at Manchester Academy was one for the books. As former front man for Gallows, his performance skills and love for music has grown and it was evident in this tour. Franks love for music seemed to equate to his love for chaos that he expressed whilst with Gallows.

Frank continues to push boundaries with political messages and poetic shout outs to his young daughter whilst still expressing anger and fury that Carter is well known for. It is clear there is still a fire burning in his chest.

His music is now much like a firework display, explosive and beautiful. Frank and The Rattlesnakes guitarist Dean Richardson are excellent performers and dedicated to getting involved in the audience, both of them performing while crowd surfing.

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes made their political agenda clear when they performed at Leeds Festival back in August last year. They dedicated their song ‘I hate you’ to the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. They stuck to this message throughout the tour, using this to fuel the fury behind this song.

Carter always makes his shows unique. This tour dedicated the song ‘Wild Flowers’ to all his female fans, creating a safe ‘female only mosh pit’ and warned male fans to be respectful to the women in the audience and look out for them.

Carter pointed out that many women feel unsafe being crowd surfed and that they don’t feel like they can experience it like many men do at these gigs, so he told the men to pick them up and be respectful, which the men obliged to. Carter taking this stand promotes a great female empowerment message in this typically male dominated music genre. As a women at this gig, I felt that all the audience was very respectful of this.

Frank also created other unique ‘pits’. The End of Suffering tour featured a ‘Slow dance pit’ to their song ‘Love game’. This was very unique, fun and also a nice break from the heavy mosh pit the entire Academy had become.

I give the End of Suffering Tour, Manchester Academy performance 5 stars.

Frank Carter had many ups and downs throughout his career. After joining The Rattlesnakes in 2015, he has become an explosive stick of dynamite once again. Long may he continue to burn through the hearts of Punk Rock fans.