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York river Ouse floods and water levels are set to continue to rise

York’s river Ouse has burst its banks again and caused flooding all along the riverside, the flooding has caused damage to the properties in the area and local businesses.


Two aggressive storms causing heavy rainfall have recently attacked the UK. This has had a severe impact upon York’s river Ouse. The river burst its banks and peaked at 4.35m (14.2ft) above normal the level following Storm Ciara. This is the highest level the river as reached since 2015, when it reached 5.2m (17ft).

Toby Willison, Executive Director of Operations at the Environment Agency said, “Our teams will continue to work 24/7, alongside the police, fire and rescue, and local authorities, to reduce the risk of flooding and keep communities safe.”

The floods may be due to climate change causing a dramatic change in weather. The environmental agency is urging people to stay safe during the floods and to be aware of the risk the waters could cause.

According to the government website there are currently ten flood warnings still in place for the following places:

  • Acaster Malbis
  • Acaster Selby
  • Bishopthorpe
  • Linton Lock
  • Naburn
  • Naburn Lock
  • Fulford and Fordlands Road
  • All riverside properties
  • Skeldergate and Tower Street
  • St George`s Field and Queen`s Staith

The best way to protect yourself from flooding is to know what to do in advance.The government issue 3 levels of flood warning:

  • Prepare:

  • Prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents.
  • Check flood warnings.
  • Act:

  • Turn off gas, water and electricity.
  • Move things upstairs or to safety.
  • Move family, pets and car to safety.
  • Survive:

  • Call 999 if in immediate danger.
  • Follow advice from emergency services.
  • Keep yourself and your family safe.

Mr Willison also said: “With the effects of climate change, we are seeing more frequent periods of extreme weather. It is important for people to be aware of their flood risk and stay safe by signing up for flood warnings, making a flood plan and remembering not to drive or walk through flood water – it’s not worth the risk.”

Rachel Maskell, the Labour MP for York central believes York is well equipped for the flood: “It’s quite shocking when we see the water level so high on the river Ouse, but on the whole the barriers have done their job and made sure that people have avoided the worst aspects of the flood.”

It is unclear when the floods will clear up and when local businesses such as The Lowther bar on the riverside will be reopening and with more rain to come the flooding could continue to spread.