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What on earth is going on in the European Parliament Elections? We’re voting again??

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Voters are about to go to the polls again (yes again), this time in the European Parliament elections. The vote, on 23rd May, is particularly controversial due to Brexit .

However, the Yorkshire and Humber region will be electing six people to represent us in Brussels and Strasbourg until/if we leave Europe.

What happened last time?

In 2014, six MEPs were elected from the region, which comprises North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hull, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire. Our MEPs are: Jane Collins and Mike Hookem of UKIP (remember that guy who allegedly had an altercation with a fellow UKIP member?), Steven Woolfe, Linda McAvan and Richard Corbett of the Labour Party, John Procter and Amjad Bashir of the Conservative Party.

However, in this year’s vote Jane Collins and Linda McAvan said they would not be standing, with Ms Collins saying in a statement that she felt she hadn’t been as effective as an MEP as she wanted to be, “because of the system within the EU”.

How does voting work?

In the last election, voting took place under the proportional representation system. But what exactly does that mean?

Well, it means that political parties would put forward names of candidates in a ranked order and the number of candidates being no more than the number of seats allowed for each region of the country. The ballot paper voters receive lists party names, and their candidates, plus any independent candidates, and you put a cross next to the party or independent candidate you would like to vote for.

Results last time

What can I expect to happen?

The UK will elect 73 of the total 751 MEPs for the European Parliament which divides its time between Brussels and Strasbourg. May. Senior politics lecturer, Professor Chris Kirkland at York St John University said that the pro-Brexit parties were likely to exploit voter frustration over the failure to reach a deal.

“This is not a re-run of the 2016 referendum, it is not a vote that could (unilaterally) enforce or prevent Brexit from happening,” he said.

“Whether or not UK MEPs will actually sit in EU parliament depends on how quickly or if Brexit can be agreed,” Prof Kirkland added.

How can I get involved?

The closest European Election Hustings to York would be the one taking place in Harrogate, on Wednesday 15th May 2019, 19:30 – 22:30 at The Wesley Centre, Oxford Street, Harrogate, HG1 1PP . Both remain and leave parties have been invited to the event this year, it will be very interesting to hear what both have to say when they’re inevitably asked about the B word.

This includes The Green Party, Liberal-Democrats, Change UK, the Yorkshire Party, Labour, Conservative, UKIP and the Brexit Party.  Tickets are free and everyone is welcome. It’s a great chance to meet the candidates and ask them any questions you may have. Tickets for the free event available at:

Also, Magid Magid of the Green party is hosting a tour around the region and is coming to York on Sunday 19th May 19:00-20:00 at
Lawrence Church Hall, Lawrence Street, York, YO10 3WP. The event is free.

Every Yorkshire and the Humber candidate in the 2019 European elections

Change UK

  • Diana Wallis
  • Juliet Lodge
  • Sophia Bow
  • Joshua Malkin
  • Ros McMullen
  • Steve Wilson


  • John Rocter
  • Amjad Bashir
  • Michael Naughton
  • Andrew Lee
  • Matthew Freckleton
  • Sue Pascoe
  • English Democrats
  • David Allen
  • Tony Allen
  • Joanne Allen
  • Fiona Allen


  • Magid Magid
  • Alison Teal
  • Andrew Cooper
  • Louise Houghton
  • Lars Kramm
  • Ann Forsaith


  • Richard Corbett
  • Eloise Todd
  • Mohammed Khan
  • Jayne Allport
  • Martin Mayer
  • Alison Hume

Liberal Democrats

  • Shaffaq Mohammed
  • Rosina Robson
  • James Blanchard
  • Sophie Thornton
  • James Baker
  • Ruth Coleman-Taylor

The Brexit Party

  • John Longworth
  • Lucy Harris
  • Jake Pugh
  • James Heartfield
  • Andrew Allison
  • Christopher Barker

The Yorkshire Party

  • Chris Whitwood
  • Mike Jordan
  • Jack Carrington
  • Laura Walker
  • Bob Buxton
  • Dan Cochran


  • Mike Hookem
  • Gary Shore
  • John Hancock
  • David Dews
  • Graeme Waddicar
  • Clifford Parsons