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York election results – update

Five days on, York Council remains in a state of no overall control

Following on from the local elections last week, The Yorkie sums up the position for the major parties in York

York’s winners were the Liberal Democrats becoming the city’s biggest party by taking 21 seats 

All of the final results, ward-by-ward, are available from York City Council’s website now. 

The chart below shows how much of a change there has been in York, the Conservatives now hold only two seats, compared to the 14 they held after the 2015 election – a massive blow to Conservatives in York. Showing the electorate’s anger at the handling of Brexit, mirrored across the country with the Conservatives losing 1330 council seats in this election

Three seats are now held by Independent candidates; the Green Party has retained its four seats; Labour gained one seat and now holds 17; and finally the Liberal Democrats have increased their number of seats held to 21. 

As it stands York City Council is in a state of no one party in overall control. 

In order to have a majority, a party must hold 24 seats. There has been speculation that talks concerning leadership have taken place between the Liberal Democrats and The Green Party.



Here’s THE YORKIE’s round up of results as they happened on Friday



Labour gain seat

Labour picks up an extra seat in Micklegate Ward, alongside returning a Green Party and Labour candidate.

Results are Green Party win for Rosie Baker (1,954 votes); Jonny Crawshaw Labour (2,408) and Pete Kilbane Labour (1,913).

Other party votes: Conservatives 1,342 total votes; Liberal Democrats 1,049.



Labour hangs onto its three seats in Holgate, with David Heaton, Rachel Melly and Kallum Taylor the Ward’s newly-elected councillors.

Turnout is way down again – 38.3% of the electorate against 2015’s 65.7%.

In 2015, the Conservatives were second-placed but this time around the Greens came second with 1,782 votes. Followed by Lib Dems at 1,433 and the Conservatives on 1,123 (against 3,694 in 2015).


Haxby and Wiggington

Liberal Democrats gain two new seats.

Lib Dems take the Haxby and Wiggington Ward, winning all three seats. In 2015 they held one with the Conservatives carrying two seats.

Ian Cuthbertson has held onto his seat and is now joined by Lib Dem colleagues Andrew Hollyer and Edward Pearson, with 8,497 votes won between them.

Haxby and Wigginton’s trio of Lib Dem councillors

Other votes: Green Party candidates 739; Labour 717; Conservatives 2,108; Independents 937. Turnout was 47.3% (71.7% in 2015).


Liberal Democrat gain

The Lib Dems take Wheldrake Ward from the Conservatives – with the Tories also seeing a massively-reduced vote.

Christian Vassie wins with 537 votes, against 457 for the Conservatives – who won with 1,638 votes in 2015.

However, the decision by former Conservative councillor Susan Mercer to stand as an Independent against Conservative Wesley Coultas may have split the potential Tory vote, giving the Lib Dems their win.

Other votes: Independent 333; Labour 112; Green Party 134. Turnout was 49% (against 76% in 2015).

Osbaldwick and Derwent

A Conservative and an Independent will continue to share power in Osbaldwick and Derwent, with wins for Martin Rowley (755 votes) and Independent Jonathan Warters returning on 1,293 votes.

Again, we’re seeing a big drop in the Tory share of the vote – down from 1,989 in 2015, and a drop in turnout overall at 41.3% (against 71.5%).

Other votes: Lib Dem candidates got 263 and 325; Labour 325 and 300; Greens 229 and 506, and 511 votes for the other Conservative candidate, John Zimnoch.

Heworth Without

The Liberal Democrats’ Nigel Ayre holds Heworth Without ward with 1,318 votes.

Tories are next with 160, then Labour 136, and the Greens 124 votes.


Two Green Party candidates hang onto their council seats at Fishergate.

Andy D’Agorne and Dave Taylor are re-elected with 1,553 and 1,381 votes. Again, a drop on 2015 (when they won with 2,241 and 1.997 votes respectively) but Fishergate is a Hold for the Greens.

Full results: Labour 663 and 566; Lib Dem 141 and 135; Conservatives 222 and 169.

Two councillors are elected for the Ward. Turnout was 44%

Fulford and Heslington

Fulford and Heslington held by Liberal Democrat candidate Keith Aspden with 916 votes

Labour 239; Green Party 99; Conservatives 94

1348 total vote. Turnout was 49% – again, down on 2015’s 70.6%

First result in: Copmanthorpe

Copmanthorpe won by Independent candidate David Carr.

David Carr won the seat for the Conservatives in 2015, with 1,339 votes, now he’s taken it as an Independent candidate.

Yesterday’s turnout of 42.87% is way down on 2015’s 75.7%

Lib Dems: 254; Independent 662; Conservatives 258; Greens 159; Labour 99

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