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Rapid charging point for electric vehicles in York:

Last week, the council of the city confirmed that they get an European grant to cover the cost of the project. This one will consist in the develop of the Hyper Hub on Monk Cross and Popleton Bar and Ride.

“The development of a infraestructure suitable for electric vehicles is an important point for the Council” said to us a member of the communication team.

With the development of this rapid charging points, a vehicle could only need between 15 or 20 minuts to be charged. Of course, it will depend on the vehicle as well.

“Is important to make attractive and comfortable to have an electric vehicle if we want the people using them” it was said to us.

At the end of the last year, the Councillor Stuart Rawlind already said something similar: “We need to consider how we use our infrastructure and how to ensure that electric driving is indeed an option.” He noted that York was falling behind with the matter of the electric vehicles.

A spokeswomen said that the aim of this project was to reduce the reliance of electric vehicles on the UK grid and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

The Council of York will seek agreement for an initial consultation phase of the project to begin in May.