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Fashion’s finest come to York: reflecting on York Fashion Week 2019

The past week has been a celebration of fashion, style and creativity as York welcomed another dynamic fashion week.


“It doesn’t feel like York Fashion Week belongs to us, it does really feel like it belongs to the city as well.”
-Nicky Hayer (head of marketing)

Across the past week, York has hosted some of fashion’s finest for an eclectic range of events this year.

Head of marketing for YFW, Nicky Hayer, told us about the progression of fashion week over time and what this year has been all about.

“It’s been absolutely amazing, it all started off celebrating what York has to offer and to really showcase what we have in terms of a really exciting high street, we have got so many brilliant independent brands and so many designers as well who are in York but maybe haven’t had the right platform, but once we started talking to local businesses about it they just really got behind it.”

As a city rich in history, York’s historic venues have been getting involved in hosting events and workshops. One of the most unique had to be ‘More Than Just a Tiny Waist’, an exploration of corsets at York Castle Museum.

“York Castle Museum has a really special fashion archive, they have such gorgeous costumes. They started the week with a Vivienne Westwood exhibition. When we talk about York fashion week with them, they’ve always been really excited to take part, so they did a talk all about the history of corsets so why we have them and how they have evolved over time.”


“Across the year we have these events where businesses can get together and tell us what they want from York Fashion Week.”


Each year YFW aims to grow and improve, but also by working with local businesses to help them benefit.

“We really feel like a part of the high street now.”

The team behind YFW had a shipping container installed to showcase York College Fashion student work and called this the ‘Fashion Week Hub’ on Parliament Street.

York-born designer, Scott Henshall, is also renowned as ‘King of the red carpet’ and Scott showcased inspiring fashion pieces whilst Lady Victoria Hervey displayed her elegant swimwear collection too in Mansion House.

Other major events were the Louis Vuitton Leeds talk at the Principal Hotel exploring the journey of the brand, a showing of the captivating ‘McQueen’ film at City Screen, an L.K Bennett fashion show and many styling workshops across the city.

The diverse range of events this year provided something for everyone, York has been buzzing with energy and the city is left inspired by such amazing fashion pieces and the talented people behind them.

Until next year York Fashion Week…