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Futsal is growing in popularity in the UK

Futsal is an emerging sports in Britain that is now governed by the Football Association.

But what is Futsal?

The game is a variation of the once popular 5 a side football which is played indoors and consists of two 20-minute halves, designed to provide a high paced, energetic, fast flowing game for spectators.

Although futsal is an established worldwide sport in its own right, played both at amateur, semi-professional and professional level, its world wide appeal is supplemented by the fact that many elite football players endorse and speak of its importance to their own development.

The history

The origins of Futsal can be dated back to the 1930’s where the sport began to spread throughout South America. With the popularity increasing there was need for a governing body and in 1971 the International Federation for Futebol de Sala, FIFUSA, was officially founded.

However, FIFA then took over as the governing body in 1989 which kick started a dominance from UEFA associations as Futsal spread rapidly across Europe.

From South America to York

Despite Futsal finding it’s way to the UK in the 1990’s it didn’t start progressively growing until 2008 when FA started the national Futsal league.

The FA run a three region national league system in which York currently sit 7th in the top division – the National Super League.

York have attracted a lot of attention in recent years due to their quick progression through the leagues with many England internationals playing for them.

However, their last few results show some signs of inconsistency with a win, a loss and a draw. Their last game saw them draw 1-1 with Newcastle who are currently second from bottom. A game that York should comfortably win on paper and manager Junior Roberti suggests there have been too many slip ups against bottom sides this season.

“It’s time to shake ourselves up a bit because what we are doing at the moment is not good enough, its nothing specific but the whole thing is not working”

“It wasn’t about been unlucky, it is about our performance, we just couldn’t score”

York will face London Helevtica in their next game, a team who currently sits top of the table having won all of their previous 16 games. Junior said, “Were going to try to be competitive as much as we can against them and really test where we are”