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York Councillor responds to Climate Emergency decision

Last week York councilors declared a ‘climate emergency’ in the city committing to going carbon neutral by 2030. The new plans gained full support across parties in last weeks meeting.

York has become the 54th national council to join the fight against climate change as youngsters lead marches up and down the country demanding action from local authorities.

16 year-old Amy Elliot said “This is not some far away problem that future generations have to worry about, this is happening now!”

Greens councillor Lars Kramm spoke about the impact young people can make in the mission to change the narrative on climate change around the world.

“Young people need to hold their parents and grandparents generations to account. Remind them on their responsibilities they have for the planet and the future of humankind.”

He believes that protests have helped bring climate change to the forefront of political agenda in recent months.

“The protests around the world are an important factor in our fight for urgent actions. The broad civil society has been too quite for years on this topic when the dangers of the changing climates and the burden we are passing on to all future generations is massive.

I think we need to see more young people on the streets, shouting louder until politicians listen.”

However he took caution and said that the council need to show tangible evidence in their bid to tackle climate change in the city.

“The most important aspect is that there are measurable goals, which will show quickly if the commitments are worth the printed paper.”

The council plan to report on the action it is taking every six months.