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‘Tis The Season To Be Sober.

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Christmas time. A time for seeing loved ones, attending office Christmas parties and maybe having a mulled wine or two. However do we as a nation use the excuse of “it’s Christmas” too excessively. Festive drinking is for some people a staple of the holiday season but how much is too much?


According to the NHS, alcohol consumption in the U.K rises by 46% during December. But how much is healthy to consume? 

Whilst there might might not be a “healthy amount” of alcohol to consume, the NHS recommends the following:


I spoke to members of the public who were enjoying a drink at Thor’s Tipi Bar in York on a Friday afternoon. Dan Stirling thinks that Christmas drinking isn’t a problem and it’s “a great way to get plastered” but Jenny Marchant thinks that some people take it too far and that’s when it becomes an issue.

“I think having one or two isn’t that bad but people just end up using the fact that it’s Christmas as an excuse to be ridiculous with their drinking and that’s where it becomes a big problem”.


One of the biggest dangers to people festive drinking in our beautiful city are the rivers. After a few drinks down at Lowther on the edge of the river bank it might seem funny to mess around on the chain fence designed to prevent people from entering the water. However this is why the Don’t Drink and Drown campaign was started. 

Started by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS), Don’t Drink and Drown kicked off on the 4th of December and was targeted at students especially as they are apparently at an increased risk. I spoke to campaigner Olivia Bowers about the aims of the RLSS and she believes that the work they do is imperative to the safety of people in York.

“Don’t Drink and Drown is especially close to York, in 2014 Megan Roberts sadly lost her life when she entered the river after drinking. The campaign is designed to educate people on the dangers they can face when being intoxicated near waterways”


Whilst there may not be a definite amount that is healthy to drink, the solution to the issue seems to be moderation. We all love a good drink over the Christmas period however don’t take it too far and have a look at the NHS’ tips for safe Christmas drinking. 

Have a safe and merry Christmas everyone!