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Archies day returns!

As 2018 comes to an end Archies returns to York St John University for all the students to drink away their sorrows of the semester. 

With deadlines just gone or just creeping around the corner it is the perfect way to relieve some stress and catch up with friends before everyone leaves for Christmas.

Archies is a tradition that begun in 1841 due to the Archbishop of York donating a barrel of ale to the first graduated students. 

Since that day at the end of every semester all the students come together in order to celebrate (or maybe procrastinate) all the hard work done!

The bar opens at 10 am and is always sure to bring in a large group of students, whether it is to celebrate the semester or say goodbye to fellow students until after Christmas.

Alcohol prices get lower and lower as the day goes on, pints are priced at £1 which is every students dream especially when there are Christmas presents to be bought. 

“As a student who’s gone to all the Archie’s days since I started here, I’d say summer is the best one just because everyone is sat outside in the sun” Jessie Stell, A student at York St John University said, “but Winter Archie’s is always a really nice way to say bye until next year!”

2018 Archie’s day was a room of students in Christmas jumpers, elf hats and a lot of glitter- plus jugs of alcohol, all singing along to the Christmas classics.

When all the alcohol is sold the party doesn’t stop there as Salvation, a club right in the centre of York, hosts the ‘Archie’s after party.’ 

So remember to always drink safely, stay away from the river and enjoy the last day of the semester getting very merry!