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20th anniversary of York City’s 2-1 win over Manchester City

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20th anniversary since York City’s 2-1 over Man City


York City’s historic 2-1 win over Manchester City is celebrating its 20th anniversary on December 19th.

This historic victory occurred back in 1998 when Man City where spending there one and only season in footballs third tier.

The two teams then began to head in different directions with Man City wining back-to-back seasons to put them into the Premiere League and going on to be one of footballs powerhouses and York City struggling in their league.


Robert Riley, 43, a life long York City fan remembers going to watch this game as if it was yesterday “It didn’t mean to much to me back then, even tho I’m always happy with a win, but looking at where Man City are now and where we are it seems like much more of a big deal and id be over moon if we could go on to do it again, but with the way things are looking I don’t see it happening any time soon”.

Andrew Fulford, 25,  hopes to one day see York City get a promotion and maybe even beat a big team again “even tho I wasn’t at the game I can just imagine how excited everyone was, and to think its been 20 years since that day, just makes you wonder if we will ever play them again in the future and have the same result”.

Andrew also had this to say “York would have to do something amazing to face the likes of Man City in the premier league, but they could possibly play them in a national cup game if we ever qualify for one and do well in one, I can only hope i see this ion my life time”.

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that the likes of Man City to lose to York City that if you told the younger generations about it they might not believe you

Ben Godward, 19, said “the only reason i know about it is because my dad saw it on the news and told me about it, if it wasn’t for that then I doubt id have known, and if my mate told me id have thought he was lying to me”.

Sonny Gaskill, 18, said “yeah I’d love to see York play Man City again it might make York actually play well knowing that loads of people are going to be watching, and then we can progress from there and maybe buck our ideas up and play in the big boy leagues”.

It seems that most people in York know of this historic moment for there club, but it seems as tho it is only historic because of hoe well Man City went on to be, if it wasn’t for their success and Yorks decline then the win would have just been another win like any other day. those fans who where alive to see the game can look back at it as an accomplishment to have beaten a powerhouse like man city and can only dream of one day doing it again. But with York City’s current standing of 14th, out of 22 teams, and only winning six of their 20 games played it will be a long time before York City will get to face off with the likes of Man City once again.

York City may wish to look to the youth teams and the rising stars of football to maybe get this chance again, after all it was a prosperous young 19 year old, by the name of Andrew Dawson who scored the winning goal for York City on that day back in 1998.





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