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From predicting riots to when all is quiet.

Music legends Kaiser Chiefs have opened their own exhibition ‘When All Is Quiet’ in conversation with York’s Art Gallery.

Despite having a UK tour planned for next year, and a new album being released in the near future, the group have worked hard to combine their talents in the music industry with their passion for artwork.

Silent disco
The exhibition included a ‘silent disco’

Co-curator Lee Clark proposed the idea to the band, and within two years plans became reality.

The focus is on how the band hear music, giving visitors an experience to stand in their shoes for just a moment.

Vijay Mistry, drummer for the band spoke about their inspiration: “So what would a deconstructed gig sound and feel like? Ultimately it would be silence but looking at the lyrics and feeling the lighting we would like to think people could experience songs through a different angle to what you’re used to.”

One of the most inventive pieces uses 40 speakers placed around the outside of a room, creating a surround sound orchestra from the perspective of a singer.

Also incorporated¬† into the exhibition is a ‘silent gig’. This installation allows visitors to step into a fabricated room which is illuminated by multicolored spotlights which replicates how it would feel to be on stage at a live concert. Instead of actual music, lyrics are projected onto the floor.

Lyrics were projected on the floor as part of the exhibition

Charles Hutchinson, also visiting the opening night explained why he thinks the exhibition is going to be so successful: “We all develop images to our favorite songs so that’s why its quite interesting to see what they chose to go with paintings.  We do visualize songs. we create memories with songs and therefore it’s interesting to see what actually comes through their heads.”

The Exhibition which will be running until March 10th 2019.